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Beast’s Real Name Isn’t Adam…again

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A few months ago, Keith Lapinig made a video explaining how the Beast from the film Beauty and the Beast doesn’t actually have a real name in the film and the rumor that his name is Prince Adam is completely false. If...

Modern Mouse Radio #22: Interview with YouTuber Adam Rucker

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Adam Rucker joins the Modern Mouse Radio show for a talk about vlogging at the Disney Parks and what YouTube means to Disney fans. Keith has been a YouTuber for a while so we get into a roundtable discussion and what ...

Disney Trip Planning: Adult Vacations

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A common misconception that silly, silly people have is that a Disneyland or WDW vacation is just for kids or, rather, parents with kids and their kids (I feel like I wrote “kids” way more than 3 times just then)....

Modern Mouse Radio #21: Worst Disney Sidekick Characters

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Keith and Josh return to talk news for the beginning of June. New video games and remakes of old video games, operas touring Europe, and lots of park news. FYI, we didn’t cover the bombing at Disneyland because we f...

The Whole Picture: Make Mine Music

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The Walt Disney company was in a different place during the 1940s. Being known mostly for comedic short cartoons and classic full length animated features, the studio was truly divided into two categories. The fil...

Disney Trip Planning: Beat the Heat

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“Me mind on fire, me soul on fire feeling hot hot hot! Party people all around me feeling hot hot hot!…” No, I’m not singing that famous party song we all know and love, I’m actually just quoting what I said during...

Modern Mouse Radio #20: Armchair Imagineers w/ Guy Selga

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This is our 5th installment of Armchair Imagineers. It’s been a year since the reopening of Disney’s California Adventure with Buena Vista Street and Cars Land. Attendance has never been higher for the park and rumors...

Keith’s Disney Cruise (Part 2)

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It's Day 2 of my Disney Cruise! We could have gone into Nassau, Bahamas - but we decided to just go down when we dock there again in a few days (on our second cruise!). Instead, enjoy our day of leisure as we meet the...

Top 5: Disney Stories Horribly Ruined by Modernization

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Since the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, the Walt Disney company has made a serious living off of animated stories. Some of those stories take place in current time, like 2012′s Wreck-It Ralph, wh...

Modern Mouse News: DisneyQuest, Magical Maps, and Fake Disney Relatives

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This week on Modern Mouse News: DisneyQuest, Magical Maps, and Fake Disney Relatives Not a ton of news coming out this week from the Disney company as it seems like the rolled out all the stops a month back. That d...

Keith’s Disney Cruise – Part 1

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In case you haven’t listened to the Modern Mouse Radio show, Keith has been overly excited about going on his first ever cruise. On top of that, he did 7 days. Throughout the next few weeks we will be showcasing his c...

Top 5: Reasons Once Upon A Time is Deeply Awesome

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My favorite television show, Once Upon a Time, has come to a close on it’s season two on ABC’s Season two came with twists and turns as well as a mixed bag of great and lackluster episodes. Different from it’s first s...