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Top 5: Reasons Donald Duck is Cooler than You

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Mickey Mouse might be the face of the Walt Disney company but even Walt Disney knew that he had cornered himself with the goody-two-shoes personality of Mickey Mouse. Walt wanted a character that would be the anti-Mic...

Keith’s Review of the Food and Wine Festival 2013

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October isn’t just a time for Halloween at the Disney parks, it’s also the best time for food lovers and drinkers of fine exotic beverages. Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival is one of the best annual events at any Disney...

Modern Mouse Radio #32: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

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Keith got to visit Walt Disney World and attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. For some, buying and extra ticket for the Halloween party is a hard sell, so Keith and Josh did the research to talk about the fes...

Top 5: Once Upon a Time Characters to Watch in Season 3

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Season 3 of Once Upon a Time starts tonight Sept. 29th, 2013 and I’m really excited to see some of my favorite characters back on my television screen again. Over the summer, we’ve gotten excited about new characters ...

Keith’s Disneyland Vacation Summer 2013

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During the D23 Expo, Keith Lapinig and family took the weekend to get to the Disneyland and California Adventure park. The visit was topped off with a visit to Club 33!   http://www.KeithLapinig.com

Modern Mouse Radio #30: Once Upon A Time Season 3 Preview

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Last year, Keith and Josh discovered that they were both big fans of the hit ABC show Once Upon A Time. They previewed the upcoming season last year so we only find it fitting that we preview the upcoming season 3 of ...

Disney Trip Planning: Disney World Dining Plan

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Today in our Disney Trip Planning series, Angie will be covering the Disney Dining Plan at Walt Disney World. Let me start off by saying I NEVER add the dining plan to my package. For the way I eat in the parks, it...

Modern Mouse Radio #28: Armchair Imagineers with Morgan Stradling

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Our Imagineering series returns in a crazy toon kind of way. We are joined by Morgan Stradling of the Animation Addicts podcast and Rotoscopers website to talk animation as well as revitalize Disneyland’s ToonTown. It...

Modern Mouse Radio #26: Weird Stories of Disney Park Guests

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A brand new segment called “Weird Stories” has come to Modern Mouse Radio. Keith is out but I am joined by fellow Modern Mouse blogger Angie Carriero. We discuss some weird happenings at the Disney Parks thanks to gue...

Top 5: Worst Places to Lose Your Lunch at Disneyland

Added by The Modern Mouse Crew 7 years ago

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Okay, so you saw the title! Let’s all stare at the elephant in the room. Sometimes your stomach and you don’t get along and you need to make a run for the nearest porcelain throne. It happens to everyone, young or old...

Disney Food – Pizza Planet

Added by Alexia Christensen 7 years ago

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When I first discovered that there is a Pizza Planet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I was excited and scared. I was excited because it’s Pizza Planet, as in Toy Story’s Pizza Planet. If you are a Toy Story fan, you ha...

Modern Mouse Radio #25 – Is Animal Kingdom a Half Day Park?

Added by The Modern Mouse Crew 7 years ago

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In this podcast episode of Modern Mouse Radio, We are excited to be bringing new series to the show to replace our old Modern Mouse News show. This is the first of a Point/Counterpoint series where Josh and Keith will...

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