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Chip Foose Automotive Art Added To The D23 Expo 2013

Added by Michelle Harker 7 years ago

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How many of you are followers of ChipFoose? I am, and I’m pretty sure I saw some tweets from author Steven Miller too during Chip’s recent appearance at Car Masters Weekend in Downtown Disney West Side at the Walt Dis...

Postcards from Disney Parks

Added by Steven Miller 7 years ago

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There are a few Disney things I like to collect – anything from EPCOT Center circa 1982-85, items inspired by Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room and postcards from Disney Parks. After rummaging through many postca...

Art and Soul at House of Blues Orlando

Added by Darcy Clark 7 years ago

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You may have known that House of Blues at Downtown Disney West Side was one of the premier venues for live music. If you’ve eaten there you understand that the menu, designed by Chef Aaron Sanchez, is a culinary delig...

DETOUR: Pedestrian Walkway Between Saratoga Springs and Downtown Disney

Added by Jinxies 7 years ago

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Construction Update for Pedestrians at Saratoga Springs Beginning Monday, July 8, the pedestrian walkway between Saratoga Springs and Downtown Disney Marketplace will be closed. Village Lake will be expanded and wh...

Old West Cinnamon Rolls in Downtown Disney at Disneyland

Added by Heather 7 years ago

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Cruising Downtown Disney, heading back to our car to go home, a cart that I had never seen before caught my eye.  Old West Cinnamon Rolls? Hello! Old West Cinnamon Rolls Downtown Disney According to my 12 year...

Cone Sandwiches Spotted at Hollywood Studios

Added by AJ 7 years ago

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The cones are back! Learn About: Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney World Restaurants Yep, in addition New cone sandwiches were recently spotted at Min & Bill’s Dockside Din...

Celebrate Summer Vacation with New T-Shirts from Disney

Added by Steven Miller 7 years ago

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One thing I miss from my youth is having a three-month summer vacation. My parents were both teachers, so my sister and I spent many summers together with them while growing up in Ohio. Granted, I feel like I’m on...

Disney Food Post Round-Up: June 23, 2013

Added by AJ 7 years ago

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We’ve had a great Disney food week, including getting more info on the new Disney World Starbucks on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom! Stay tuned for more in-depth reviews of the new baked goods coming up soon! ...

Car Masters Weekend Returns to Downtown Disney for 3rd Year of Retro Fun

Added by John Frost 8 years ago

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Downtown Disney is about to undergo its own extreme makeover into Disney Springs, so June 15-16 may be the last year to really enjoy the great atmosphere of Car Masters Weekend until about 2017. If that’s not a go...

Check Out the Wii U Tour at Downtown Disney Marketplace Through June 23

Added by Darcy Clark 8 years ago

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I may not look like much of a gamer, but in the late 80s, in between bike rides and multiplication homework, you could often find me playing Super Mario Bros. on my (original) Nintendo Entertainment System. (Honestly,...

Making Time for Dad This Father’s Day at Disney Parks

Added by Steven Miller 8 years ago

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A few weeks ago, I turned the spotlight on timepieces for Mother’s Day. With Father’s Day only a few days away, it’s now time (pun intended) to focus on timepieces for Dad. Here are a few of my favorite watches rele...

Best Disney Peanut Butter Treats

Added by AJ 8 years ago

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Um…is it seriously possible that I haven’t already written this post about the Best Disney Peanut Butter Treats?!? You guys know how much I lurve peanut butter and anything peanut buttery, so I’m pretty surprised I...