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Once Upon A Time 2-9: Queen of Hearts recap

Added by Jinxies 8 years ago

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Can I start off by saying this winter finale episode, of Once upon a Time, was shear excellence and has me wanting more NOW!!! I mean how can we possibly wait until January6th, lol. With a flashback into Belle'...

Once Upon A Time 2-7: Into the Deep recap

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After a two week hiatus, our favorite fairytale show is back and its another marvelous episode tonight, a little slower paced with a few things than I had expected, but all in all great ground work episode for many th...

Chad Michael Collins Cast for Once Upon a Time

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Chad Michael Collins will play Gerhardt, the brother of Dr Whale (David Anders), it is unclear if the character - a good-natured military veteran - is also the brother of Whale's Enchanted Forest counterpart Dr Franke...

Once Upon A Time-”Child of the Moon”

Added by Josh Taylor 8 years ago

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Keith and family return with another video. With a week off from television, they had a bit more time to put this video together so make sure to watch in anticipation for this coming Sunday’s show. I love the Ruby cha...

Once Upon A Time 2-7: Child of The Moon recap

Added by Jinxies 8 years ago

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Once Upon a Time's standalone episodes can occasionally don't necessarily advance the story, but are still very enjoyable and fun. This week's Ruby episode falls into that category, although the ending did move the pl...

Once Upon A Time 2-5: The Doctor recap

Added by Jinxies 8 years ago

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Dr. Whale's Identity Is Revealed! Yes, Once Upon a Time finally revealed Dr. Whale's true identity, but that discovery - and the story that played out in Storybrooke - made for a bit of a bizarre episode.   I’ve wa...

Tonights Preview of Once Upon a Time – The Doctor

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We met Captain Hook in last week's Once Upon a Time and the dastardly devious pirate is a welcome addition to the cast.  We know he's in cahoots with Cora and that the two of them are searching for a way to Storybrook...

Once Upon a Time – Gets an Angry Giant – Jorge Garcia

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Jorge Garcia has announced that he will play a "dangerous" character on Once Upon a Time.  The former Lost star will play a giant on the Once Upon a Time Series by ABC / Disney during its second season. "It's somethi...

Prince Charming Originally Killed in Pilot – Once Upon a Time

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In the Once Upon a Time pilot the character of Prince Charming / David was originally written to be killed off.Showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz told Entertainment Weekly that the network (Disney / ABC) was ...

Once Upon A Time 2-4: The Crocodile recap

Added by Jinxies 8 years ago

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The Crocodile and Captain Hook Tons of Flashbacks and no signs of Emma or Mary Margaret in this episode. Rumplestiltskin might very well be the most sympathetic of villains on Once Upon a Time. It's a testament ...

Once Upon A Time 2-3: Lady of the Lake – recap

Added by Jinxies 8 years ago

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Previously on Once Upon A Time, we learned that Regina has a much more layered past than we realized, Mary Margaret tried to be a badass but was out-badassed by Mulan and Emma met her future mother-in-law, who makes M...

Once Upon a Time – We Are Both – recap

Added by Jinxies 8 years ago

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The second season of Once Upon a Time began with intent last week in 'Broken', an episode that was exciting because it was unpredictable and had a strong narrative. This week's 'We Are Both' is equally strong but in s...

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