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Urban Vinylmation Series Returns to Disney Parks with New Look and New Features

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A few weeks ago, I shared a glimpse at some exciting changes planned for Vinylmation. One of the first series the team addressed dates back to the very beginning of Vinylmation – the Urban series. This graphic foc...

April Merchandise Events at the Disneyland Resort

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Being a fan of different art styles, mediums and content definitely has its charms. Why? Because if you’re a fan like I am, then you’ll also find yourself a fan of our artist showcases this April, where you can actual...

Ten Character-Inspired Treats at Disney Parks

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Characters from Disney, Pixar and the Muppets have inspired many things at Disney Parks. I think some of my favorites, however, are the delicious treats found in several locations throughout Disneyland and Walt Disn...

‘Limited Time Magic’ Spotlight on MousekeEars as Part of ‘Year of the Ear’ at Disney Parks

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It’s the “Year of the Ear” and this week our “Limited Time Magic” spotlight is on some of the cutest ear hats at Disney Parks – MousekeEars! These mini-hats feature fun, pop colors or Disney characters like Mickey...

Beautifully Disney a Huge Tren-D Hit

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Tren-D was just that today at Downtown Disney (WDW), with the official launch of the ' Beautifully Disney ' cosmetic line.  Hundreds of ladies, from young and old, checked out the fabulous cosmetics and were even tr...

March Merchandise Events at the Walt Disney World Resort

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For those of you traveling to Orlando during the month of March, here’s a list of upcoming events, product releases and artist signings taking place around the “world”! March 1: Disney Design Group Artist Thomas Sc...

Disney Parks Celebrate Oz The Great and Powerful with New Merchandise

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My son and I recently attended the Disney Parks meet-up for “ Oz The Great and Powerful ” at Epcot. It was wonderful seeing several Disney Parks readers and friends in person. We both enjoyed the film, along with ...

Disney Style Snapshots: Creating An Adorkable Disney Look

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By definition, the word nerd used to mean “uncool.” But these days, nerds are flaunting their pocket protectors, horn-rimmed glasses and ankle length pants with pride. Cool or not, the best fashion is about expre...


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As many of you know, one of the ways I support the Institute's aggressive acquisitions program for new research, photographs, slides, documents, and so forth, is through the DHI Store sales. See the link above, th...

Nine New Chilling, Thrilling Haunted Mansion Merchandise Items

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My love for the Haunted Mansion attraction at Disney Parks grows more and more each year. Granted, my mother will probably remind me that I first rode the attraction with my eyes closed (I was seven at the time). Sinc...

Beautifully Disney: A Beautiful Addition to Disney Parks

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Just this week, we gave you the first look at the captivating Beautifully Disney cosmetics collection coming to Disney Parks. While I can’t give any secrets away about the first collection, I can tell you it’s rather ...

Trade for New Hidden Mickey Pins in 2013 at Disney Parks

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The start of a new year traditionally marks the arrival of new Hidden Mickey pins at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. Cast members at Disney Parks use these specially designed pins for trading with guests...